Phishing attacks being launched on the name of Queen Elizabeth II


Queen Elizabeth II passed out on Thursday last week and the funeral of ‘Her Majesty’ is said to take place on September 19th of this year. What’s embarrassing in this whole saga is that some cyber criminals are trying to bank on the death of the London Queen just to make money.

According to research conducted by Proofpoint, some hackers are sending phishing emails with subject line “In Memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II” and are trying to trap innocent victims with credential stealing malware.

The saga begins with the cyber crooks urging the victim to click on the link that would take them to a login page where they can earn free entry to the funeral and meet Prince William and Harry and families while the funeral process is taking place.

A few of such malevolent emails also include that they can be lucky to win some of the inherited wealth of her highness that accounts to $885 million.

“Earlier it was COVID-19 stories, then the Ukraine war and now the Queen Elizabeth II Death. And criminals are stooping to such low levels they are trying to make currency from a mourning period of a renowned celebrity death,” said Sherrod DeGrippo, the Vice President of Threat Research and Detection, Proofpoint.

NCSC, the cyber arm of GCHQ, has taken a note of the situation and is urging online users not to fall prey to such emails. It is asking individuals and companies to stay vigilant and avoid clicking on links embedded in emails and text messages.



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