Phishing awareness and phishing training explained


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There is no more effective initial attack vector than phishing. With an ability to reach well-within your organization’s logical perimeter all the way down to an individual user’s Inbox with some form of malicious content, phishing has proven to be a challenge to organizations working to maintain a proper security stance. 
On top of this, phishing attacks have some pretty impressive accolades:
Phishing scams focused on Business Email Compromise are the initial attack vector in 60% of cyber insurance claims
61% of successful phishing attacks have resulted in compromised credentials
Phishing accounts for losses of $17,700 per minute
The exponential growth seen this year with phishing attacks and their success is extremely dangerous when combined with operational shifts to users working from home, using personal devices and lowering their sense of corporate vigilance as part of trying to find a work/life balance. The use of social engineering…

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