2020 CISO Cloud / SaaS Security Report [ Enea ]

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The number of employees working from home or other remote locations has
skyrocketed, and for many, the change is likely to become permanent on a part time
— if not full-time — basis. This massive shift has led to a rise in the use of cloud
applications and services, along with an increase in risky behaviors and a further
blurring of the lines between personal and corporate IT resources.

In light of this evolution, what types of cloud usage and cyber threats are network
security managers most concerned about? Which cloud services inspire their
confidence, and which cause concern? What changes in security solutions and
strategies are they planning to address these concerns?

To find the answers to these questions, we conducted a survey of Cybersecurity
Insiders’ 400,000-member information security community.

Many thanks to Enea Qosmos for supporting this important research project.

We hope you find the information shared by respondents useful in assessing and honing
your own cybersecurity strategies, and we hope that you enjoy reading the report.

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