2020 Cyber Threat Intelligence Report

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    Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) isn’t the exclusive domain of specialized organizations anymore. It is evolving into a pillar of security and public safety functions across all industries and organizations of all sizes, worldwide.

    Yet many CTI practitioners – the analysts, researchers and threathunters who collect and manage Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gleaned from the open, deep and Dark Web – report a lack of training, tools and internal oversight.

    This is the most significant take-away from our 2020 Cyber Threat Intelligence Report, based on a survey of 338 CTI practitioners. About 85% of them told us they have received little or no training for their work. Other highlights from this report include:

    • 34% of respondents didn’t have any prior experience with OSINT-related research;
    • 83% of cyber threat intelligence analysts use a web browser as their primary tool for conducting research;
    • 55% use the Dark Web regularly as part of their OSINT activities;
    • 38% of respondents do not use managed attribution to mask or hide their identity.

    CTI missions are critical to ensure public and corporate safety and security. Online, CTI practitioners are exposed to web-borne exploits, targeted attacks, and counterintelligence efforts. Overall, the findings in this report underline that organizations lacking adequate research frameworks and oversight of the online activities of their analysts risk compliance violations, legal and financial damages, and reputational harm.

    This 2020 Cyber Threat Intelligence Report, which reflects the dynamics of an evolving field, provides a rare glimpse into the world of cyber threat intelligence and OSINT collection online. It has been produced by Cybersecurity Insiders, the 400,000 member information security community, to explore how organizations are leveraging cyber threat intelligence and OSINT to improve their overall security posture.

    We hope you will find this report informative and helpful as you are building and expanding your CTI efforts.