2020 Identity and Access Management (IAM) Report

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The 2020 Identity and Access Management Report reveals the increasing importance of managing access for a significant majority of organizations (89%) as part of their overall risk management and security posture. At the same time, a majority of organizations (56%) are, at best, only somewhat confident in the effectiveness of their identity and access management program.

In the context of this study, the purpose of Identity and Access Management is to grant access privileges for the right enterprise assets, to the right users, in the right context of their role and scope of responsibilities within an organization.

The 2020 Identity and Access Management Report highlights what is and what is not working for security operations teams in securing access to sensitive data, systems, and applications:

  • 72% of organizations prioritize security over operational efficiency (52%) and breach
    prevention (47%) as the key drivers for developing an IAM program.
  • Looking forward, organizations equally prioritize investment in multi-factor authentication (52%) and privileged access management (52%), followed by identity management and governance (49%).
  • Role-based access control continues to be the most deployed IAM capability for 71% of
    organizations, followed by single sign-on (58%) and user monitoring (51%).
  • Lack of automation (43%) and lack of skilled staff (41%) are the two biggest challenges regarding managing access in organizations, followed by not utilizing available technologies (33%).
  • When selecting an IAM solution, 72% of organizations prioritize ease of integration above end user experience (62%) and product performance/effectiveness (61%).

To help shape, strategize, and execute IAM programs for enterprises, organizations should take ownership of their platforms so they can truly consume IAM-as-a-service whether it’s deployed on-premise, the cloud, or a hybrid approach.

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