2020 Insider Threat Report

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Insider Threats are on the rise and are expected to only increase further with increased economic uncertainty. As organizations adapt to the new normal, it is important to reflect on what drives the increasing risk of insider threats and how the situation is worsened with more employees working from home than ever before, using new applications and tools, and relying on the cloud for more services such as storage.

The 2020 Insider Threat Report reveals the latest trends and challenges facing organizations in this new environment, how IT and security professionals are dealing with risky insiders, and how organizations are preparing to better protect their critical data and IT infrastructure. Key findings include:

  • The top three biggest factors contributing to insider threats are lack of employee training and awareness (58%), insufficient data protection strategies and solutions (51%), tied with an increasing number of devices with access to sensitive data (51%).
  • Of the various types of data subject to insider attacks, customer data (61%) is considered most vulnerable, followed by financial data (54%), and intellectual property (53%).
  • Organizations experience a variety of challenges with current tools such as DLP, including difficulty to keep policies up to date at the rate of business needs (27%), limited data/file visibility (25%), and too many false positives (23%).
  • A number of factors prevent organizations from using the tools available to combat insider threats, including lack of staff to implement tools (42%), cost associated with tools (37%) and staff to maintain tools (32%).
  • Newer tools that organizations are considering for future adoption include User Entity
    Behavior Analytics (UEBA) and Data Behavior Analytics (DaBA) (both tied at 36%).

We hope you’ll find this report informative and helpful as you continue your efforts in protecting your IT environments against insider threats.


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