2020 SIEM Report

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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a powerful technology that
allows security operations teams to collect, correlate and analyze log data from a
variety of systems across the entire IT infrastructure stack to identify and report
security threats and suspicious activity.

The 2020 SIEM Survey Report represents one of the most comprehensive surveys
on SIEM to date, designed to explore the latest trends, key challenges, and solution
preferences for SIEM.

Key findings include:

• 75% believe SIEM is very important to extremely important to their organization’s
security posture.
• 82% rate the effectiveness of their SIEM positively.
• Top three benefits to SIEM are faster detection and response, better visibility,
and more efficient security operations.
• 74% have seen a reduction in security breaches as a result of using SIEM.


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