2020 State of Enterprise Security Posture Report

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The 2020 State of Enterprise Security Posture Report reveals that cybersecurity teams are
struggling with a lack of visibility into threats, endpoint devices, access privileges, and other key security controls necessary for a robust cybersecurity posture.

The report has been produced by Cybersecurity Insiders, the 400,000 member information
security community, to explore the latest trends, key challenges, gaps, and solution preferences for cybersecurity operations.

Key findings include:

  • A 64% majority of organizations are lacking confidence in the state of their security posture. This is driven by inadequate visibility.
  • 90% of organizations believe that phishing and ransomware are the top threats facing their organization, but only half have sufficient visibility into these challenges.
  • 60% of organizations are aware of fewer than 75% of the devices on their network. This lack of asset awareness makes it difficult to improve security posture.
  • 80% of organizations provide more access privileges than are necessary for users to do their jobs; 17% even say most or all users have too many privileges.
  • Cybersecurity leaders struggle to communicate their security posture to the board and
    senior management.

We would like to thank Balbix for supporting this important industry research project. We
hope you find this report informative and helpful as you continue your efforts in securing your organizations against evolving threats and during challenging times.


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