10 Steps to Email Security – A Best Practices Guide for Email Encryption

E-mail is here to stay and along with the phone remains the most powerful of enterprise communication products, so let’s make the most of it. Rumors that e-mail is coming to the end of its life are contradicted by growing use, especially in the corporate world. Solve the long-known problems of security, handling of larger files and auditability gives e-mail new energy and a fresh impact in your enterprise.

At the same time as e-mail use grows the threats to all digital communications channels are growing and whilst many are aware of the requirement to protect sensitive information the tools they need are not always available at the point of use, too complex, too technical and often too expensive for universal access. The reality is that decisions to share information securely are often overtaken by events creating a huge issue of ‘Shadow IT’ where in many enterprises sensitive corporate secrets are placed outside the carefully devised protection of the security perimeter defeating policies and the significant investment intended to protect enterprise communications.

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