Cybersecurity Best Practices: 5 Essential Steps to Better Control Management


Your cybersecurity program relies on the effectiveness of its controls – so why use inefficient processes to assess and report on control performance? Your cybersecurity program may struggle to gain the visibility it needs into your control library. As a result, your program wastes valuable time and resources while failing to adequately address the vulnerabilities in its control structure. Optimizing key control activities allows your program to address security gaps while protecting your most valuable assets. Join cybersecurity experts from ProcessUnity and Cybersecurity Insiders to learn how your organization can streamline control management for proven results. We will discuss:

• An introduction to cybersecurity control frameworks, including NIST, ISO and the Secure Controls Framework

• Guidance to establish appropriate control ownership for enterprise-wide accountability

• Best practices for assessing control performance internally and externally

• Strategies for prioritizing remediation projects and control improvements to reduce security gaps

• Tips for documenting and reporting on control performance to track issues over time

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