Cybersecurity Lesson from the Death Star: CIS Control 4 Explained in 45 Minutes


The Center for Internet Security (CIS) is a top resource for cybersecurity best practices. One of its recommended security controls, Control 4, should be called “Remember What Happened to the Death Star.” Why? Well, in case you don’t remember, the Star Wars® Death Star was designed to be impregnable but wasn’t, as proven when Luke Skywalker blew it to bits by exploiting a vulnerability, a simple engine exhaust port. CIS Control 4 is all about hardening systems against attack — a strategy as critical for IT ecosystems as for intergalactic weapons of mass destruction.

Unfortunately, research suggests that IT vulnerabilities are increasing today, due in part to a widening gap between cybersecurity teams and IT operations. As a result, organizations are at a higher risk of breaches and less able to make good decisions about investments in security controls and operational infrastructure.

Join this webinar as we explain what CIS Control 4 involves and how to implement it in your organization — all in just 45 minutes.

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