How Cyber Accountability Addresses Third-Party & Internal Risk

How can you connect the dots and gain visibility into your overall corporate risk health? What can you do to incorporate external risk from your vendors into that visibility? Throughout your organization, people are managing silos of risk to your business. Today, it’s more important than ever to effectively identify where your weaknesses lie – both inside and outside your organization. It’s called Cybersecurity Accountability. 
In this on-demand webinar, join cybersecurity experts from ProcessUnity and Cybersecurity Insiders to learn more about how to assign risk ownership to the stakeholders inside your organization that have the authority and ability to address internal and external risks.  Explore how to:
  • Gauge control and process effectiveness for identifying and managing risks
  • Streamline your processes for managing external risk from vendors, suppliers, and third parties
  • Identify and prioritize gaps while justifying investments for critical projects
  • Demonstrate overall visibility and program effectiveness to executive stakeholders, including the Board of Directors

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