How Risk Management Can Simplify Your Cloud-Native Protection


Today nearly all organizations have adopted the cloud to modernize their operations, enable rapid innovation, and accelerate growth. This brings new security challenges, which leads to new tools, which leads to siloed and fragmented protection and overwhelmed security teams. This unsustainable cycle calls for a new approach to cloud security operations.

In this webinar, cybersecurity experts from Fortinet and Cybersecurity Insiders will outline best practices for a cloud-native protection program that can help simplify your risk management and increase productivity. You will also hear a real-world example of how a financial services institute was able to move from reactive protection to proactive cloud security management.

You will learn how a strong cloud-native protection program can:

• Reduce alert fatigue by focusing on the critical risks that matter the most

• Simplify security across cloud platforms with comprehensive visibility

• Maximize the value of your cloud-native security services

• Track risk management over time, improving security posture

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