How to Block Network Threats at Massive Scale Using Threat Intelligence Gateways

Every day, networks are under assault from a massive volume of known threats and unwanted traffic, including network probes and scans. Existing network security controls, typically for performance reasons, cannot provide the level of actionable threat intelligence required to protect today’s networks against these threats.

Threat Intelligence gateways have emerged as a new category of network security technology that is enabling organizations to access and block threats using massive volumes of threat intelligence indicators. Join cybersecurity experts from Bandura Systems and Cybersecurity Insiders for this on-demand webinar to learn how organizations are using this emerging technology to:

  • Prevent massive volumes of known threats and unwanted traffic from entering existing networks
  • Gain easy, automated, and affordable access to large volumes of actionable threat intelligence
  • Turn TI efforts into higher value automated threat prevention vs. manual detection and response
  • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of security operations through alert reduction and reduced manual staff workload

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