Managed Security – How to Boost Your Security Posture through Outsourcing Security to Experts

Watch the Webinar

Join leading managed security services experts as we explore how to boost organizations’ security posture through outsourcing cybersecurity to experts.

Companies turn to managed security services providers to alleviate the increasing pressures they face, such as assessing and remediating against new types of attacks, protecting their organization against data theft, realizing cost efficiencies, and addressing skills shortages.

In this webinar, we will discuss the managed security landscape and review recent Cybersecurity Trends research, answering questions including:

– What critical benefits can organizations expect from outsourcing security to a third-party service provider?

– What motivates organizations to consider outsourcing of security?

– What selection criteria are most important to find the right managed security services provider (MSSP)?

– What security services do companies most commonly outsource?

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