SAP Security – How to Protect Your Most Critical ERP Platform

Watch the Webinar

Attacks against ERP security are increasing. 89% of IT security professionals expect the number of cyberattacks against ERP systems to rise. 30% of them anticipate a significant increase. While a few companies have already set about this process, most of them are just planning to take their first steps.

In this webinar, SAP security expert Alexander Polyakov will share the results of a recent ERP security survey and show how to protect ERP systems holistically with the help of the EAS-SEC SAP Cybersecurity Framework.

This SAP Cybersecurity Framework provides you with a three-step roadmap towards the realization of all ERP security processes. Each category describes specific protection procedures (e.g. asset management, incident management, and threat intelligence) that are in line with industry-recognized frameworks from NIST, SANS, ISO, CIS, but reflect the ERP systems features.

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