Why Every Cybersecurity Journey Must Start with Identifying All Your Assets

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As every organization grows, so does the size and complexity of its IT and OT environment. Add to that, the associated growth in the number of devices used to run the business, and the challenge of providing and maintaining cybersecurity becomes massive. With this in mind, the importance of identifying and classifying all assets – managed, unmanaged and IoT – becomes the most important first step for organizations to make in order to protect their business.

Join this lively discussion with Mike Ehlers, Senior Independent Security Consultant, Curtis Simpson CISO of Armis and Christopher Dobrec, VP of Product Marketing at Armis as they highlight the foundational steps they have taken to establish and maintain their Cybersecurity Asset Management programs to protect their businesses. In this session you will learn:

• Where blind spots exist in most IT and OT environments
• What it takes to establish a Cybersecurity Asset Management program foundation for security
• The tools you need to successfully identify all your assets

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