Privacy fears grip shoppers at Southern Cooperative, UK

All those who are regular shoppers at Southern Cooperative should remember a fact that they are being constantly monitored by Big Brother. Yes, what you’ve read is absolutely right as the retailer has installed facial recognition cameras at its stores to nab criminals and people having a history of creating trouble at retail stores.

Installed by a third party agency at Southern Co-Op, the Facewatch FR CCTV installation, uses images and mugshots of known criminals to curb attacks on its workers at 18 of its 200 stores in Southern England.

Although, some information privacy advocates say that the installation of FR cameras is against the prevailing data protection laws, the Southern Co-Operative says that it has breached no law and the surveillance is being carried out just to protect its employees from violence and shoplifting related physical attacks.

The latest update from the retailer chain says that the testing of its facial recognition cameras has been carried out on a successful note, and two criminals with a history of shoplifting were automatically barred from entering its stores post lock-down.

Stuart Greenfield has condemned the news and said that the company is sick of such people talking negative about surveillance systems.

Note- Founded in 1873, the Southern Co-Op was established as a regional consumer co-operative in United Kingdom. And it reportedly operates 200 convenience stores and 50 funeral homes in regions such as the Isle of Wight, Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Sussex, Wiltshire, Devon and Bristol along with Berkshire.

Naveen Goud
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