PRODUCT REVIEW: Teramind Employee Monitoring Software


Today we are reviewing Teramind User Behavior Monitoring Software, designed to monitor and track employee activity, detect anomalous behavior, and protect against insider threats. Insider leaks can lead to significant financial and reputational damages for organizations and compromise internal applications and systems. The Teramind approach is user-centric and focuses on individual actions. Teramind focuses on helping organizations understand the chain of events, shape user behavior, and combat the internal threat via automated risk detection and prevention. The process is easy:

  1. Organizations identify what they believe to be dangerous behavior
  2. Rules are defined in Teramind
  3. Teramind begins to monitor and enforce your policies

By creating a baseline and understanding normal user activity such as emails, instant messages, file transfers, and USB use, Teramind can pinpoint anomalies within computer usage patterns and identify insider leaks and data compromises.

Teramind also blocks potentially threatening activities from occurring. Using rule-based risk analysis, organizations can pre-define malicious behavior and company policies to identify company weak spots and implement security policies.

Additionally, organizations have reports of each rule violation and the ability to access a full video recording of the violations in order to have all the information needed for IT forensic investigation.

Rule-Based Risk Analysis of Insider Threats

Cybersecurity apps should apply protection intelligently, rather than putting up the strongest conceivable barriers in every possible location. And this is precisely the approach Teramind takes, by analyzing trends in employee behavior to identify which are most risky to your organization. This process of analyzing behavior will be unique to each organization. Therefore, Teramind enables you to write unique rules, such as alerting when a certain document is being printed.

Detect & Block Malicious Activity

With Teramind, you can go a step further than auto-alerts, and actually prevent malicious users from causing damage:

  • Configure rules to notify, block, redirect, log out, or even lock-out the user depending on the severity of the offense.
  • Configure alert on any user behavior, including web, email, keystrokes, file transfers, instant messaging, and more.
  • Block e-mail from being sent, on any platform, if they match certain criteria
  • Prevent a user from instant messaging on a specific platform, or with specific users
  • Block websites or limit usage of website to certain times
  • Lock-out users pending administrator unlock for any action
  • Stop users from writing to USB key, or uploading to a cloud drive, or sending certain e-mail attachments.

Intelligent Session Mining

Intelligent Session Mining uses optical character recognition (OCR) to index all text that appears on a screen, even in images, remote desktops, and Java apps. Administrators can find instances when employees saw specified text on a screen and build rules around the action, such as blurring the text in recordings, shutting down the app, notifying or locking out the user. This is particularly useful in scenarios such as alerting when users see a full credit card number on the screen, counting how many times a user saw a sensitive record, or building behavior rules into applications that are not parseable.

Employee Productivity Monitoring

Compared to similar offerings, Teramind has extensive monitoring features and an exceptional user experience. By telling Teramind which apps and websites you consider productive, you can get reports on how employees are spending time and automatically alert users when they’ve exceeded your established thresholds. While such alerts may be slightly creepy, they can help your organization discourage unproductive activity and get instant ROI. You can also be competitive as an employer by offering the benefit of remote work, while continuing to monitor employee productivity.

Regular Upgrades

Teramind is a relatively young product. Founded in 2014, Teramind announced its public launch in March 2016, although by that point the technology had already been in use by large corporations and dozens of startups worldwide.

The firm has maintained a rapid pace of innovation, having released in June 2017 a new anomaly detection feature based on machine learning algorithms. The feature is unique in its abilities to automatically quantify and analyze internal employee data, identify internal security anomalies, and prevent the occurrence of internal data leaks.​

At the 2018 RSA Conference, Teramind launched it’s latest feature – the file anti-exfiltration analysis. This feature targets and tags sensitive file repositories as well as sensitive content. Data protection is preserved throughout multiple file transformations – encryption, compression, or partial extraction – allowing the user to preserve sensitive data in all forms of data transit.

What Customers Say

Teramind was awarded Gold and Excellence badges from TopTenReviews, and is also listed as a Best Pick by ​​ and PC Magazine. The solution has been reviewed ​more than 35 times​ ​on Capterra​ and scored an impressive average of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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