Quad nations unite to fight Cyber Attacks on Critical Public Infrastructure


The Quad nations comprising India, Japan, Australia, and the United States will reach an agreement on how to create a collective approach to blocking cyber attacks on critical public infrastructure, such as the power and communication sectors. The Quad countries have devised a plan to meet next month in Australia to reach an agreement on how to involve, deal with, and address state-funded attacks on national infrastructure.

Nowadays, every nation wants to target their adversaries on a digital note, and that can only be done by launching invasions in the form of cyber-attacks, disrupting operations of critical infrastructure, leading to blackouts that can trigger immense concern among the populace.

The Quad nations will discuss, at the summit, the preventive measures they will take to block such attacks and will address how they will be dealing with ransomware incidents arising from their territory.

“We exercise responsibility to assist each other in the face of malicious cyber activity, including ransomware attacks on public infrastructure,” says a joint statement issued by the foreign ministers of the four nations: Penny Wong of Australia, S Jayashanker of India, Hayashi Yoshimasa of Japan, and Tony Blinken of the United States.

Interestingly, the four nations have invited the UK’s representation in their objective to block state-funded attacks and received a positive response from the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

NOTE: Developed nations across the world are worried that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine could trigger World War III, as Moscow has given its nod to the use of its Leopard war tanks that can cause devastation across enemy nations in no time. If Putin faces a loss in this battle, he could wage a cyber war, as he is on the verge of losing patience, as his plan, execution, and consequences witnessed in the war are turning against him, both at home and on an international note.

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