Queensland University of Technology hit by Ransomware


    A ransomware hit Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in the early hours of today, crippling a portion of the institute’s network from the past 5 hours. The second largest University seems to have been hit badly as whole of the printers operating in the campus are displaying the ransomware note.

    Margrett Sheil, the University Chancellor of the technology-based institute, has confirmed the incident and was embarrassed to express her deep regrets that her own office printer stopped working from the early hours of Friday.

    Royal Ransomware gang appears to be behind the incident as the ransom notes spit by the printers yield so.

    Australia’s telecom networks (Optus) along with an insurance brand(Medibank) were hit by a ransomware attack recently and now an educational institute is ready to join the list.

    Royal is a newly developed file encrypting malware and was supposed to attack public and private entities in the United States of America. However, the malware is available on demand and so those indulging in Ransomware-as-a-service business could have offered the malicious software for those interested in disrupting the networks of Australia.

    For the past few weeks, the Anthony Albanese led nation has been constantly being hit by cyber-attacks. And at one point of time, the AusCERT confirmed the indulgence of Russian Killnet Hacking group behind all the attacks.

    Killnet has issued a public statement in November 2022 that it will disrupt the companies operating in nations that are supporting Ukraine in its battle with Moscow by supplying finances, artillery and essentials to populace and soldiers.


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