Ransomware and Energy and Utilities

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This is a blog series focused on providing energy and utility industries with helpful insights and practical, helpful information on cybersecurity.
The exponential growth of IoT devices in the energy and utilities industry has greatly increased focus on cybersecurity. Focus on cybersecurity across industries has increased recently, no doubt due to factors like COVID-19 forcing a jump in remote work. In 2020, we saw cybersecurity move from being a technical problem to a business issue. Along with the recognition that businesses really need to lead with a security-first mindset to be resilient, the CISO was elevated to a seat at the proverbial table as a true C-suite leader and trusted board advisor.
Energy and utilities face unique challenges compared to other industries. According to McKinsey:
“In our experience working with utility companies, we have observed three characteristics that make the sector especially vulnerable to contemporary cyberthreats. First is an…

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