Ransomware Attack disrupts airlines services of Spice Jet

    Spice Jet, a low-cost airline carrier in India, was reportedly hit by a ransomware attack on Tuesday night, causing flight delays to passengers urgently needing to leave the city. The ransomware group that targeted the servers of SpiceJet is yet to be revealed, but a suspicious finger is pointing at Lap$sus Ransomware Group.

    Thousands of passengers waiting for their turn to board the flight in about 67 cities of India were left disappointing when the morning services of flying were halted until the afternoon hours.

    Some passengers vented their anger against SpiceJet on Twitter and disclosed that their take-off was halted by the airliner for 3-4 hours, as its in-flight systems could not connect to the GPS systems that are essential for take-off.

    By late noon, all the services were brought under control with the help of the company’s disaster recovery plan.

    Meanwhile, the company that is headquartered in Haryana released a press statement that it has amicably settled a dispute with Credit Suisse as per the directives issued by the Supreme Court of India.

    The airliner that is owned by Sun Network’s Proprietor Kalanidhi Maran stated on May 23rd, 2022 that it has mutually agreed to pay the $5 million arrears as per the agreed timeline put forward by the Madras High court without financial liabilities on the company in the future.

    Note- SpiceJet operates a fleet(42) of Boeing 737 and 22 Bombardier Dash 8 Aircraft from Canada and is the only airliner in India to operate with a service model consisting only of economy-class seating only.


    Naveen Goud
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