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According to a press release of Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, the computer systems at a ransomware attack disrupted the said hospital, this cancelling nearly 90 emergency operations and disallowing 3000 patients going for a general checkup.

The attackers conducted the attack on Sunday last week, bringing down lab facilities, emergency operations and pharmacies at 3 major hospitals and external clinics to a halt.

As an efficient backup plan is in place, the major hospital of Barcelona is not intending to bow down to the financial demands of hackers.

City of Oakland is trending on google news headlines as a massive ransomware attack launched early last month has made the hackers post the stolen data onto the web this week. The sensitive details include 10GB of info including personal info like home and address, police investigation related files, bank details and criminal data of the citizens and admin employees.

There is a high possibility that the attack might have taken place last month and since the victim failed to pay the ransom on time, the criminals leaked the data onto the web on March 1st of this year.

Third is the news related to information taken out from a survey conducted by Kaspersky. A study discovered that two out of 5 servers in industrial IT environments were affected by malware in 2022 and the numbers might increase in the current and coming years.  

Alarmingly, the raise in the social engineering attacks attributed to the growth rate of malware on systems of the industrial sector.

A joint operation conducted by the German and Ukraine police, in association with Europol and US FBI, has led to arrest of core members from the notorious DopplePaymer Ransomware gang, alleged to be involved in a lot of large-scale attacks since 2019.

Police authorities from Germany believe that the said group of criminals was involved in targeting around 601 companies across the globe, including 37 from the home soil and 69 from the United States.

The most heinous about this crime is that the DopplePaymer targeted University Hospital in Dusseldorf, leading to the death of a 78-year-old patient, because of delayed emergency treatment.

As per the analysis of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), DopplePaymer is the successor to BitPaymer, a malware developed by Evil Corp, an organization known to steal money from victims’ bank accounts and launching ransomware spread campaigns.


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