Ransomware Attack on Airplane maker Bombardier


Clop Ransomware gang has targeted airplane maker Bombardier from Montreal, Canada, leaving the company employees not only embarrassed by the data breach but also worried as some of their classical data was published online early this week.

Highly placed sources say that the ransomware spreading gang infiltrated the computer network of Bombardier by exploiting vulnerability in the Accellion file sharing software that led to many such data breaches that came into light last month.

Cybersecurity Insiders has learnt that the hackers could have gained access to the Quebec company network in December 2020 when a zero- day exploit was exploited by hackers allowing them to steal sensitive data.

Later, after investigating, Accellion stated that over 100 of its file sharing servers out of 300 could have been accessed by hackers and allowing them to steal data from around 25 of the servers until a ransom is paid.

Clop Ransomware gang shames its victims online by selling their stolen data and has done so to at least 7 of multinational companies

Apart from targeting Bombardier, the Clop Ransomware gang was also seen targeting geo-spatial company Fugro, Technology Company Danaher, Singapore-based telecommunication brand SingTel, and law firm from US named Jones Day.

Note 1- As per the details available on dark web, airplane design documents and some documents related to spare parts were accessed and stolen from the Bombardier. However, no personal data related clients or employees were stolen from the firm, confirmed a top Management source from Bombardier.

Note 2- Cyber Threat monitoring firm CrowdStrike predicts that there could be an increase in ransomware attacks from North Korea as the nation is suffering from economic slowdown and natural calamities facing acute shortage of food and other essential commodities.

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