Ransomware Attack on Canon and 10TB data stolen

    On July 30th 2020, Canon, a popular brand that produces Imaging products was hit by an outage disrupting connectivity services of its users related to image.canon photo storage site. Although the company admitted the outage, it did not disclose more details on it.

    Early today, Bleeping Computer reported that a ransomware attack where hackers stole 10TB of data from multiple servers hit the Tokyo based Camera brand.

    Maze Ransomware gang, well-known for stealing and publishing the stolen data from its file encryption malware victims, is suspected to be behind the incident as the ransom note seen on the servers of Canon says so.

    As of now, the details of the ransom demand and the data that has been siphoned and its sensitivity has been kept under wraps. However, the company has hinted that 24 domains of the company were impacted in the incident that includes canonhelp.com as it is displaying an internal server error message if the URL is typed and accessed in a browser.

    Note- A source from Canon says that the outage caused to the imaging products company last week has nothing to do with the latest ransomware attack as the Maze group targeted the servers in the afternoon hours of August 5th, 2020 and then stole the files before encrypting the service. Also, Maze Group has confirmed that it was not behind the service disruption of image.canon photo storage that happened last week.

    More details will be updated shortly!

    Naveen Goud
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