Ransomware attack on COVID 19 Ventilator manufacturer Boyce Technologies


A ransomware attack launched by DopplePaymer gang on the ventilator manufacture Boyce Technologies is said to have impacted the production of healthcare products that were termed to be essential to contain the COVID 19 spread.

Boyce is known as an FDA approved Ventilator manufacture that has been producing and supplying around 200 low-cost ventilators per day to healthcare units across the New York City. And since the production of the medical equipment it could impact the steps taken to contain the spread of COVID Pandemic and that includes death of the virus patients in rare cases.

According to a source from the Dark Web, the gang that is spreading DopplePaymer ransomware has infiltrated the network of Boyce in the last week of July 2020 and is now threatening to leak some critical files related to the company, as its demand for the ransom is being overlooked.

Those reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders state that the ransom demand is huge and so the company might not bow down to the demands of hackers as it is planning to take the help of its disaster recovery plan to counter the situation.

However, the ransomware gang has disclosed some files in their official blog proving their stance on the server hack and the disclosed files include those related to sales, and purchase orders, assignment forms and some details of employees.

Note- File encrypting malware attacks on companies serving healthcare sector have increased since the spread of Corona Virus started in March 2020. And FBI has issued a statement that victims should not pay the ransom as demanded by hackers as it encourages crime and doesn’t guaranty a decryption key in exchange for sure.

Naveen Goud
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