Ransomware Attack on Eurofins delays 20K forensic sample research of UK Police

A ransomware attack which took place on Eurofins Scientific is said to have resulted in the delay of 20K forensic sample research- says a statement issued by UK’s National Police Chief Council(NPCC).

Since the attack was severe locking down the entire database of the forensic research firm, the UK police decided to cut ties with the firm until the cyber incident was thoroughly investigated.

Therefore, almost all the law enforcement submissions were suspended on an interim note by the forensics services firm due to the prevailing safeguard policies.

Now, that the firm has recovered from the malware attack, the NPCC has decided to re-administer the cases to the forensic firm.

Recent statement issued by the Eurofins says that the backlogs count which was beyond 20K till July 18th this month has come down to 15k by the first week of August this year.

Meaning, the delay in the investigations and court cases will further be cut down by this month-end as the forensic’s team of Eurofins is committed to achieving it.

Note 1- Eurofins is an International Group of Laboratory network where testing and support services related to pharma, food, environment, agroscience, and consumer products takes place. It is based in Luxembourg and has over 800 laboratories in over 47 countries.

Note 2- Eurofins reported that some of its IT systems were infected by ransomware on June 3rd of 2019 disrupting its central servers for almost 4 days. Later the backup and disaster recovery team finally managed to recover the valuable data without bowing down to the demands of hackers.

Naveen Goud
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