Ransomware attack on Hammersmith Medicines Research and Ameren Missouri

    Maze Ransomware spreading hackers have targeted a healthcare provider that was associated with the British government to test the Covid-19 vaccine. And the news is out that the hackers have also stolen some data from the testing center and have posted it online.

    Malcolm Boyce, the director of Hammersmith Medicines Research has confirmed the news and disclosed that the incident took place on March 14th this month and was spotted and contained the same day by restoring data from the data backups without paying a ransom.

    What’s interesting in this whole news fact is that the group spreading Maze Ransomware has pledged last week that it won’t target any healthcare provider at least for few weeks or till the Coronavirus pandemic subsides across the world.

    FYI, Hammersmith Medicines is the same company which previously tested a vaccine for Ebola a few years ago and is on the verge of introducing a new vaccine to curb the spread of Wuhan Virus

    Coming to the other news related to the Ransomware attack, a third-party vendor that supplies equipment to Ameren Missouri Power Plant is reported to have become a victim of a ransomware attack recently.

    Although no data related to customers was leaked in the incident, highly placed sources say that equipment diagrams and schematics related to two Ameren Missouri power facilities could have been accessed by hackers.

    The 3rd party in question happens to be Ohio based LTI power systems and the leaked data files include those related to companies Ameren Sioux Power Plant based in West Alton and the Labadie Power Plant.

    Naveen Goud
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