Ransomware attack on Spar Supermarket Chain England

    Spar, a supermarket chain in UK, has admitted that some of its digital services were disrupted, causing some of its stores to shut their doors since Sunday for the entire week. The attack that could be of ransomware variant has reportedly affected the businesses of over 2600 stores located across UK as they could not process card payments and digital payments made through e-wallets.

    As of now, the IT staff of Spar has maintained silence on the attack they were experiencing. But admitted that most of its stores in Lancashire and Yorkshire will be up in the next couple of days.

    A customer based on the condition of anonymity stated that the stores having a fuel station in the premises were only affected by the attack and added that they were trying their best to open the doors by this weekend.

    Cybersecurity Insiders has learnt that James Hall & Company, an IT service provider, was serving the food retailer regarding information technology services. And the disruption was seen only across North of England.

    Lancashire Police and Britain’s NCSC have taken a note of the incident and are busy investigating it independently.

    Note 1- Spar is a Dutch multinational company that is into the Food related retail and supply chain and operates with the same name in most of the European Countries, as well as Asia, Africa and Oceania.

    Note 2– A ransomware attack is a kind of malware attack where the hacker induces file encrypting malware into a database and locks it down from access until a ransom is paid.

    Note 3- It’s still unclear whether the convenience store will pay the ransom to free up its database from malware.

    Naveen Goud
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