Ransomware attack on top US Healthcare agencies

Two of the big healthcare agencies was hit by a cyber attack out of which one has been confirmed to have been hit by a ransomware variant. Midwest Transplant Network was disrupted by a digital attack in February where hackers accessed critical data of nearly 17,000 deceased donors and organ recipients.

In what is known to our Cybersecurity Insiders, the accessed info includes names, date of births, and organ donation and transplant details.

Those spreading Babuk Ransomware is said to be involved in the incident. But there is no official confirmation on this note from Michala Stoker, a spokesperson for Midwest Transplant Network.

Meanwhile, Scripps Health made an official statement on Sunday that some of its IT servers were disrupted by a cyber attack interrupting patient care as their records were inaccessible.

However, the company did not endorse the ransomware attack and accepted the fact that the firm’s Information Technology servers were impacted by a cyber attack.

As the emergency services were put on hold, the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services (OES) diverted all the ambulances to other hospitals networks as the Scripps’s administration staff were taking the help of pen & paper for all administrative needs.

Scripps has issued a press statement early today that all emergency departments will function normally from Monday and outpatient urgent care centers and Scripps HealthExpress locations will function as earlier from late hours of Monday.

Naveen Goud
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