Ransomware Attack on US DOD Contractor


RYUK Ransomware is reported to have targeted the servers of a DOD Contractor last week and news is out that the contractor might take some to recover its data from this incident. The contractor in the discussion is Electronic Warfare Associates (EWA) which is a 40 years old company serving the Department of Defense of the United States from the past 13 years.

News is out that EWA websites related to EWA Technologies, EWA Government Systems Inc and Simplicikey along with Homeland Protection Institute were completely disrupted by the invasion of the file encryption malware.

DOD has launched an inquiry on this issue and is busy accessing the damage contoured to the company’s internal network

Meanwhile, in another survey conducted by the Cybersecurity Firm Proofpoint, it was revealed that over half of the government organizations became victims of a cyber attack in 2019.

Releasing a report entitled “State of Phish”, Proofpoint says that last year cyber crooks mainly focused on launching Phishing, Ransomware and Cryptojacking attacks.

Proofpoint says that it compiled the 2020 cyber threat report after analyzing over 9 million vindictive emails, analyzed the response from over 600 industry leaders and over 3500 IT respondents.

The report also confirmed that hackers are becoming a lot more sophisticated these days and are seen more focusing on healthcare services providers, federal agencies, manufacturers and critical infrastructure which see data as their lifeblood.

More details can be found in the ‘resources’ section of the Proofpoint website.

Naveen Goud
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