Ransomware gang repents for spreading ransomware to AirAsia


Daixin, the Ransomware spreading group that hacked into the servers of AirAsia now seems to repent for its deeds, as it released a press statement that confirms that the victimized firm’s IT infrastructure, staff, and security are so poorly aligned that the said group of cyber criminals do not want to strike the same victim twice.

What the press update means that the Malaysia’s largest air carrier is so frustrated with the way AirAsia was responding to its negotiation filled talks that it doesn’t want to strike the IT infrastructure of the airliner as it is vexed with the way the staff was dealing with the situation and has lost hope of receiving a ransom for a decryption key.

Probably this might be the first time that the hackers have fallen to their knees as their victim was not responding to their demands positively, all because of the miscommunication and ‘office politics between the staff of the targeted organization.

A sentence in one of their recent tweets says they are facing humiliation from the staff of Air Asia that, despite suffering from a data breach of about 5 million passengers and all employees, is still showing apathy in taking control of the situation.

Hahahaha……this was probably the first time the hackers of Daixin Team Ransomware Gang were suffering such agony, as their anguish was clearly visible in their latest statement.

Is this how we need to deal with ransomware attacks, then?

To a certain extent, this can act as an example or a kind of guidance too many of the small organizations who are not in a position to have a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts.

But who is at the loss…?

It’s the victim, as the company has lost valuable data that threat actors can misuse soon. And the hacker can gain monetary benefits by putting the stolen info for sale on the dark web.


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