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Egregor Ransomware has stuck the back-end services of retailer Kmart severely disrupting its services just before the start of the Christmas shopping season. The company that was gained by Transformco in 2019 revealed that it will not pay any ransom to hackers and might recover its data through its well-designed disaster recovery plan.

Prima facie reveals that the hackers might have accessed most sensitive data from Kmart. However, the spokesperson of the popular retailer has declined to comment on the information and stated that a deep investigation is underway.

Second, a helicopter manufacturer based in Switzerland is in news for becoming a victim of Lockbit ransomware. The name of the company is Kopter, and the cyber criminals have reportedly published some data on the internet on Friday last week. And the data includes information related to aerospace and defense industry standards, along with some sensitive internal information.

What’s interesting about the attack is that the cyber incident took place on the day when another aeroplane maker Embraer was also hit by a ransomware attack. And FYI, Embraer occupies the third place among airplane manufacturing after Boeing and Airbus.

Likewise, with Embraer, hackers uploaded details such as business contracts, photos related to simulation of flights, source codes of some airbus engineering digital designs, and employee data to the internet.

Last but not the least is the news related to Egregor ransomware again. Reports are in that Canada-based TransLink was hit by a file encrypting malware and investigation has revealed that transportation authority managed by Metro Vancouver was stuck by the malware attack on December 1st last week disrupting phone lines and web connectivity services along with payment systems. And the highlight in this cyber incident is that the cyber criminals used a printer to deliver the ransom note.

Note- Egregor ransomware gang has a history of dishonoring its victims with a decryption key even after a ransom is paid.

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