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Multiple companies operating in Israel have reported to have been hit by a ransomware named Pay2Key, a file encrypting malware that invades networks via flawed Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

News is out that those distributing Pay2Key ransomware are demanding 7-9 bitcoins to free up the database from malware, and if the payment is denied in a specified time frame, more damage to the reputation of the company can be expected.

Second, Compal, a Taiwan-based company that produces computing gadgets on behalf of Multinational companies like Apple, Samsung and LG is reported to have become a victim of ransomware attack on last weekend. And the hackers gang that spread the ransomware is believed to be Doppelmayer Ransomware, as per a source from Yahoo Taiwan.

Around 30% of computing devices- mainly those belonging to internal office networks leaving the production fleet were hit by the file encrypting malware and the IT staff of Compal are working 24×7 to bring back the devices to normalcy as quickly as possible through data continuity plans.

Third, X-Cart customers hosting websites on the platform faced many disruption troubles late October this year and now the news is out that it was caused by a ransomware attack where hackers invaded the X-Cart computer networks through a software vulnerability exploited on a third party software

Seller Labs, the company which runs X-Cart from behind, says that a small portion of websites were disrupted by the malware, but were brought back to life by November 2nd, 2020. No ransom was paid as the data access was brought back to life through efficient backups.

Fourth, this news is devastating to read as a ransomware attack is said to have caused a delay in the treatment of cancer patients that can sometimes lead to death of patients.

Here, the treating facility is a University of Vermont Medical Center that has now somehow restored systems from the cyber attack to help the aiding cancer patients on time.

However, as the systems were down for a week or so, some patient care were transferred to the Central Vermont Medical Center in Berlin and Champlin Valley Physicians Hospital in Plattsburgh, New York.

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