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AKVA Group that supplies aquaculture equipment to fishing industries operating worldwide is reported to have become a victim to a ransomware attack. News is out that the hackers are demanding a smart pay as ransom from the headquarters of the company in Norway. However, the IT staff has assured that they have an instant data recovery plan that could help them recover the locked up data within no time.

In what is known to our Cybersecurity Insiders, the ransomware incident took place on Sunday last week and was made public on Tuesday after a preliminary inquiry was concluded.

Knut Nesse, the CEO of AKVA Group, has denied to comment over the incident until a detailed report is offered to him by his personal staff. However, he admitted that the hackers were demanding a fat pay in exchange to the decryption key.

Meanwhile, the other news that has hit the Google headlines early this week is related to a ransomware attack that took place on Saint John, a city in New Brunswick, Canada; in November last year.

John Collins, the city manager has released a press statement that the city’s IT staff are busy rebuilding the systems after a file encrypting malware gripped the entire database in Nov 13th, 2020. Mr. Collins also made it official that no ransom was paid to the hackers and instead the money was spent on the recovery techniques that have yielded good results till date.

As the city of Saint John was cyber insured, the expenses related to the ransomware attack are said to be recovered through the insurance policy and the IT reserve fund allotted to the city early this year.

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