Ransomware news trending on Google

1.) A Taiwan-based electronics firm named Delta Electronics was hit by a ransomware attack on January 22nd, 2022, affecting its admin operations to the core. Delta that supplies hardware parts to other businesses such as Tesla, Apple Inc, Dell, and HP disclosed that Conti Ransomware gang was behind the attack on its servers and recovery was under process.

Delta stated that the IT staff is putting 100% effort to recover from the incident and the company is in no mood to entertain the $15 million ransom demand put forward by the Conti Ransomware group.

2.) In other news related to QNAP, a Taiwan company that provides Network Attack Storage (NAS) appliances has released an official statement that its data storage hardware and routers operating across the world were vulnerable to Deadbolt ransomware attack and should keep their software updated with the newer version to avert any disruption.

QNAP has already issued a set of instructions to follow on its website for its users and added that the cyber threat only exists for its NAS appliances connected to the internet.

3.) Third is the news belonging to the France’s Ministry of Justice that has been hit by Lock Bit 2.0 ransomware gang. News is out that the ministry has been given a deadline of February 10th of next month, after which the accessed data will be released on the dark web and sold for monetary benefits.

This is not the first time that the French Ministry of Justice was hit by a malware as it is becoming a victim to such sophisticated cyber attacks now and then.

For instance, earlier this month, another ransomware group affiliated to LockBit breached the networks of French Defense and security firm Thales and siphoned a portion of critical information that contains details related to energy firm Schneider Electric that was targeted by a digital attack last month.

So, France’s Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) has issued a warning to the businesses operating in its region about possible cyber attacks that could cripple their networks forever. And the situation seems to deteriorate further as France has supported Ukraine in its war with Russia.

4.) The fourth news that is related to ransomware and trending on Google is related to a new ransomware gang dubbed “White Rabbit”. According to a report released by Trend Micro, the said file encrypting malware strain is having links to financial criminal gang named FIN8 and plans to attack one of the major US banks by next month’s end.

White Rabbit Ransomware has links to a more established gang Egregor that is in the same ransomware business and has been targeting only small companies and appears to be preparing itself to hit a large target soon.

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