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Three Iranian Nationals were indicted by the Department of Justice (DoJ) and the FBI on Thursday on ransomware charges hitting the US Critical Infrastructure. The Culprits named in the court documents are Ahmad Khatiba Aghda, Amir Hussain, and Mansoor Ahmadi believed to be living in Iran.

Anyone who discloses the information of the criminals will be presented with a $10 million reward. Evidence was gathered by the DoJ that proves that the trio has connections with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, but is not connected to the Iranian Government.

Second is the news related to Hive Ransomware, as the gang has issued a statement that it has hacked a subsidiary of Bell Canada named Bell Technical Solutions (BTS). The telecom company is yet to reveal the details related to the hack. But confirmed that a group of threat actors have taken down their systems on August 20th of this year and since then the company is finding it hard to cope-up with the situation.

Bell confirmed that the server that was breached did not contain any financial info such as debit card or banking details and so the severity seems to be diminished a bit.

Office of Privacy Commissioner and Royal Canadian Mounted Police are busy investigating the incident and Bell is confident that its technical solutions subsidiary will recover in no time.

Third is the news belonging to a Russian hacking group named Killnet. According to a press release of Hirokazu Matsuno, the Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, a sophisticated state funded attack launched by the Russian government disrupted several government websites.

Web portals such as eLTAX and E-Gov portal were badly hit by the attack state sources and a third part has been pressed into service to digital recover the assets from the incident.


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