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The first and the foremost news related to ransomware is about an IT Staffing company named Collabera that recently suffered a Maze ransomware attack on its network, possibly giving away personal information of employees to hackers.

Collabera is one of the Fortune 500 Technology companies having business across 10 nations and serving banking, financial, technology, communication, and healthcare industries.

The news was first disclosed to the world through the news resource ‘The Registrar’ as it somehow got its hands on the company’s internally distributed memo meant to its employees last week. And was clearly mentioned in the memo that employee data related to workers’ names, addresses, contacts and social security numbers along with DOB, Employment benefits and passport and immigration details were leaked in the ransomware attack that happened on June 8th, 2020.

In other news related to ransomware and trending on Google, security analysts have witnessed a surge in ransomware attacks launched by Phorpiex Botnet in June this year. The Botnet which distributed Trojans till May this year was profusely found distributing file encrypting malware from early June this year, targeting around 2% of organizations with phishing emails delivering malicious payloads.

Check Point Researchers were the first to witness this trend and are recommending companies to educate their employees on how to trace malspam that carry cyber threats.

The third news is related to a ransomware survey made by Cybersecurity firm Emsisoft that confirms that every 1 in 10 ransomware attacks is resulting in the data theft.

Speaking precisely, out of 100,000, ransomware attacks tracked in between January 1st and June 30 of 2020 by Emsisoft, 11,264 were linked to ransomware groups that had a history of stealing data before encrypting a database.

What’s concerning about the study is that they find most data stealing ransomware groups siphoning data in a secret manner and are only interested in information that has immense market value on the dark web.

Naveen Goud
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