REvil ransomware spreading hackers found to be leading plush lives in Russia


REvil ransomware gangs, known to fleece millions from their victims, are seen leading luxurious lives in their hideouts protected by Russian government. According to a covert operation launched by leading news publishing resource DailyMail, a suspected hacker running REvil aka Sodinokibi ransomware gang was arrested by the police last week.

Named as Yevgeniy Polyanin, the 28-year hacking techie was arrested from Siberia from his $380,000 USD home. It is revised that hacker was living with his wife Sofia during the time of arrest and was leading a plush life with $74K Toyota Cruiser, and a $200K BMW along with a Range Rover.

Sofia, who runs a controversial online bakery business, is already facing a lawsuit against her for producing cakes and cupcakes in X rated forms and was supposed to become a proud owner of the new Range Rover Autobiography in Feb 2022.

FBI, along with other law enforcement agencies, has pressed several money laundering and digital extortion cases against him in various district courts of America for gaining $6.1 million funds through cyber attacks. A $5 million reward was also announced against Mr. Polyanin in 2019, who registered himself as an individual entrepreneur and software developer in Siberia and was found conducting ransomware spreading campaigns from his hideout in Barnaul city of Siberia.

As Putin led Russian nation forbids extradition of citizens, Computing Master’s degree holder Polyanin might only face legal prosecutions in his own country and might be freed with a minimum penalty and a few days of imprisonment.

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