Russia and China eavesdrop Donald Trump iPhone Calls

    A report published in The New York Times says that spies from Russia and China are eavesdropping on the communication activities carried out by Donald Trump during his regime as the 45Th President of the United States.

    The NYT article says that Trump has a habit of using his iPhone to gossip with his friends and is often found enquiring about his administrative capabilities from their perspective.

    American intelligence claims that Chinese spies are often listening to the calls and are seen tracking down valuable insights from the conversations put forward by Mr. Trump and his friends. Sources say that all this eavesdropping might bring immense trouble to Trump in near future.

    While Trump aides have already warned him that his mobile phone calls are not secure, as Russian intelligence is always on the prowl of such laxities, it’s said that the president doesn’t pay heed to such alerts and does what his mind says at that instance.

    Traditionally, all the leaders who led America till date from White House have been asked to follow a protocol of using the secure and highly encrypted landline communication resources for their telecommunication needs.

    However, an official from White House who likes to comment anonymously said that US President Donald Trump has a liking to use his own mobile phone while communicating with his friends, close aides, and family members. She said that Mr. President used to do it via a Samsung Galaxy series phone till 2017. But now he is seen using an Apple iPhone of the latest series to carry deal with his daily communication needs.

    NOTE 1- Trump announced in the year 2017 that he will impose a ban on Apple Products sale and usage in the United States as the Tim Cook’s Company fails to comply with the prevailing business laws. But now news is out that the Real Estate turned politician has fallen in love with the iPhone devices as he is found to be using an iPad and an iPhone for personal use.

    Meanwhile, after the NYT report emerged, Trump announced to the world via Twitter that the article published in the news resource was not true. He also specified that he only uses government phones and had only seldom used a government provided a cell phone for his personal communication needs.

    Note 2- A reliable source from White House says that China did try to intercept the phone calls of the President a few months ago. This was to use the conversation for its own benefits. But now everything is said to be secure. And the source adds that the critical info leak from the President’s office is being done by human resources working inside foreign governments and from some critical government sectors like the military, energy, and Nuclear.

    Note 3- A source from National Security Agency says that Trump has two official iPhones that have been altered to limit their abilities and vulnerabilities to leak info. However, they are not aware of the third phone which the president could be using for his personal communication.

    Naveen Goud
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