Russia, China, and Iran’s Cyber Attacks could initiate World War 3

“There is a chance of war and it could be a “World War 3”

says Nick Carter, the Chief of Defense of UK.


Carter who disclosed his mind to The Sunday Telegraph’s newspaper column on the occasion of Remembrance Day said that the cyber activities of Russia, Iran, and China could anytime trigger a war launched by some Asian Countries on the west which could transform into a “World War 3”.


“Some states and the actions of certain groups like the Islamic State could anytime trigger a war which could prove as a doomsday to the entire world”, said Carter.


He added that theft of intellectual property, cyber attacks, corrupt business practices, bribes, fake news distribution, and old fashioned military intimidation will lead to such a situation that adversaries of UK will take undue advantage to sow discord, spoil political cohesion and cause disruption to the normal life of Britain’s Populace.


Mr. Carter said that countries like Russia and China are well capable of spreading misinformation on social media streams such as Twitter and Facebook which could cause panic in nations such as Africa and some other parts of the world.


Note- The mind-disclosure of Nick Carter comes just when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson held talks with his cabinet over an increase in the budget of the Ministry of Defense. It could be £2.2 billion in extra addition to meet the needs of the current Cybersecurity demands of the government of Britain.


Naveen Goud
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