Russia Kaspersky to be banned in Germany


Kaspersky has hit back at the recently released advisory of German authorities that urges organizations to stop using products of the said Anti Virus firm, due to the tensions prevailing between the West and the Russian federation.

A couple of days back, some of the German government organizations using anti-malware and threat detection solutions from Kaspersky were asked to replace the solutions with something from the west.

The advisory was issued by the Federal Office for Information Security(BSI) to prevent any kind of attack on the critical infrastructure by hijacking the solutions made by the Eugene Kaspersky firm to enter and take control of corporate networks thereafter.

All because of the actions of Russia and the threat it offers to the EU, NATO, and the Federal Republic of Germany, the German government is insisting on a kind of ban on Kaspersky products until further notice.

Reaction of Kaspersky

“Ours is a private firm and has nothing to do with the actions of the Russian government in any form. And the advisory issued by BSI was strictly political rather than a technical one”.

Note 1- A few days ago, probably in the first few days of March this year, Moscow-based Kaspersky released a press statement that it stays committed to its customers regards to services, support, product delivery, and financial transactions despite sanctions on Russia.

Note 2- Former CEO Eugene Kaspersky served as a software engineer in soviet military intelligence services. And he, despite being an advocate for an international treaty prohibiting cyber-warfare, stayed neutral on the developments taking place in the Russian war with Ukraine.


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