Russia Killnet hacking group targets the US Treasury

US Treasury has released an official confirmation that Russia funded Killnet hacking group was constantly targeting US Financial systems to either disrupt or bring down the whole on a permanent note.

However, the pro-Russian group has failed in either case, as the Treasury was strong enough to repel and mitigate risks associated with the attack with great precision.

Killnet hits its target through DDoS attacks and, according to Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence, has a 27% success rate in doing so.

DDoS attack means a distributed denial of service attack where website/s are hit by a deluge of fake web traffic, thus, making the servers unavailable to the actual traffic.

It seems like Kremlin has assigned digitally disrupting the online services of the west to Killnet, as it has been constantly targeting public and private entities operating in the west with Denial-of-service attacks.

The attack attained special prominence when western nations supported Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his war with Russia by supplying essentials, ammunition and finances.

For this reason, Killnet started a cyberwar by taking down websites of several airports in October this year and more such attacks are expected in the coming days as the Christmas holiday season is fast approaching.

Todd Conklin, the Cybersecurity Counsellor to Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo expressed a similar concern and added that the Biden Administration has taken a note of the IP addresses used in the denial-of-service attacks on the financial services firms and will raise an issue at the international council at time.


Naveen Goud
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