Russian hackers cyberattack US Military Secrets!

An investigation launched by Associated Press(AP), a New York-based news agency has revealed that Russian hackers have cyber attacked US Military agencies to pursue secrets related to military drones, artillery and other sensitive documents.

Although the US Military authorities are still uncertain about what really might have stolen, journos who investigated the news say that something precious might have surely reached the hands of Russian Military Intelligence.

Fancy Bear, also known as Cosy Bear- a hackers group funded by Russian Intelligence is believed to be the force behind the attack. And it is said to have succeeded in siphoning sensitive data related to 87 people who were holding crucial posts in the development of military drones, missiles, rockets, stealth, fighter jets and also Trump administration.

Note- Remember Fancy bear was also seen influencing the 2016 US Elections which eventually went in the favor of the current US President Donald Trump.

Scribes from AP suggest that the targets of the cyberattack include not only the big players from defense giants like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon Co, Boeing Co, Airbus Group and General Atomics; but also those hailing from small companies like third parties which keep a record of voters list in metro cities.

Charles Sowell, a former senior adviser in the office of US Director of National Intelligence said that the attack could have taken place in early 2016 when more than 87 people holding crucial posts became victims of a phishing attack. He added in his statement that if in case the sensitive data leaks to Russia, then the competitive advantage and the overall defense plan of United States can fall into jeopardy.

Cybersecurity Insiders learned from its sources that the hackers were extremely interested in knowing secrets of some classified data such as the X-37B, an American unmanned space place that mimics a small space shuttle.

Since the development of Orbital Test Vehicle X-37B is presently taking place at Boeing, Fancy Bear is said to have intercepted the Gmail account of a senior engineer working at Boeing last year to gain access of the classified information.

A Pentagon spokeswoman named Heather Babb reacted to the news by saying that the department recognizes the evolving cyber threats and continues to update training and technology of military, civilian and contract personnel. She, however, declined to comment on the investigation carried out by AP and its latest revelations.

More details on the issue will be updated shortly!

Naveen Goud
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