Russian Links with US Govt apps raise mobile security alert


Mobile Applications that are being used by the US Army and Centre for Disease Control and Prevention(CDCP) are caught in a fresh brawl of mobile security. As an investigation carried out by Reuters claims that the application has links to Russian company named Pushwoosh, that once developed a spying malware and is now found transmitting information to the Military intelligence Agency GRU.

Pushwoosh, that claims to be having software development related operations in the United States, is putting down these allegations as baseless and a plot devised to carry forward a political witch-hunt.

However, Reuters Thomson Corporation which carried out a clinical investigation on this note confirmed that the application contained software codes that were pushing data to servers located in the Novosibirsk, Russia and is still being used by the combat training bases, CDCP, National Rifle Association, Britain’s Labor Party, Unilever and Union of European Football Associations.

United States Army has condemned the news and added that all government agencies have stopped using Pushwoosh related service applications since March this year because of security related concerns.

NOTE 1- The Paul Reuter founded news agency claims that the address provided by the company in America is fake and the 2 LinkedIn accounts of Pushwoosh employees in Washington, DC were false.

NOTE 2- Max Konev, the founder of Pushwoosh, has denied the claims made by the American news resource and stated he nor his company has any connection with the Vladimir Putin led government. And admitted that the profiles were fake and were meant to be used for marketing campaigns to strictly trumpet activities related to the business.


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