Russian Military Intelligence hacked Democratic National Committee

Cyber Security Firm CrowdStrike has reported that it has found fresh evidence which links Russian Military Intelligence(GRU) with the incursion of servers of Democratic National Committee (DNC) which happened this year.

The latest findings indicate that Russian government was directly involved in hacking the database of Democratic Nationals diverting thousands of emails to a server located in Moscow. The hack was conducted by state actors and was a premeditated cyber attack which was planned from 2014.

CrowdStrike presented the latest evidence to US Intelligence yesterday and highlighted the fact that the hack involved highest levels of government, including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

US Intelligence divulged the details on an official note this morning and said that only two entities in Russia are capable of doing such high-level cyber-espionage in Russia. But the official denied to name the entities and added that the names will be brought into light when the right time comes and when the right people come forward in doing so.

US President Barack Obama ordered a probe on foreign country invasion on US elections a couple of weeks ago. And US Intelligence agencies including the CIA were busy finding the facts behind this claim.

CrowdStrike which previously involved in reviewing a hack on DNC was actively seen participating in this probe. It was this security firm which discovered the latest facts which will be presented to Obama in this weekend by US Intelligence.

The American Cyber Security technology company based in Irvine, California discovered that the hacking team responsible for the data breach of Democratic National Committee was called as Fancy Bear. The same group was also responsible for the malware spread on the military database of Ukraine which allowed Russian based actors to better penetrate into the network of Ukrainian artillery.

Fancy Bear is a technical hackers group which closely works with Russian Military and is affiliated and funded by top officials of Russia’s Federal Department. This fact made the security company relate the hacking group to Russian Military. 

CrowdStrike founder Dmitri Alperovitch who is a Russia-born American computer security industry executive has confirmed this news as a fact to CNN and said that he and his company has a high degree of confidence that a part of GRU was behind the DNC hack.

Note- GRU is Russia’s Main Intelligence Agency founded in 1992 and headquartered in Moscow.

Naveen Goud
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