Samsung offers Mobile Security protection as below

Samsung released a summary of how it protects its smart phones from cyber attacks and the content is as follows-

From backdoors- As the Korean giant creates, validates and manufactures its computing devices all on its own, its every piece of hardware, wiring and firmware is securely drafted at its high secure R&D plants & factories in the world. So, the question of unauthorized backdoors being present on any of its devices gets eliminated.

Password compromise- Almost all devices offered by Samsung are equipped with innovative biometric authentication technology such as fingerprint, IRIS, and password secure. The entire tech is being called as Samsung Pass that helps users log onto the device with safety. Backing it up is Knox Vault technology, where a secure processor operates on a separate note along with the main CPU unit isolating data related to biometrics from the main processor and keeping it secure from spying eyes.

Wi-Fi security- Samsung Secure Wi-Fi feature encrypts all the O/G and I/C traffic and disables tracking websites and applications and alerts a use if any permission is required for access. Hence, it allows the user to browse safely on publicly available connections with the concern of data leaks.

Phishing Attacks safety- Samsung Smart Phones are offered with McAfee protected Device Care feature that constantly scans for any cyber threats and suspicious activity and puts an alert to the user about any malevolent behavior.

Zero Day Vulnerability- Samsung Knox feature allows users to protect their device in real-time and secures the phone from any kind of unauthorized attempts. Its multi-layered defense propelled Secure Boot helps in blocking malicious attempts from being exploited and locks up data on its sensitive apps such as Samsung Pay, Samsung Pass, Secure Folder or Samsung Health.

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Naveen Goud
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