Satellite jamming by Russia leads to aircraft rerouting in Europe


Unconfirmed sources from EU Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) state that Russia has started influencing satellites that is showing a direct impact on the aviation industry as several aircraft had to be rerouted while in Eastern Finland, the Black Sea, eastern Mediterranean, and Kaliningrad.

Such instances started on February 28th this year and could be an effect of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) jamming or influence on Satellites by Russian cyber warfare.

It is not confirmed yet and so is now leading to several speculations, as the activity is coinciding with the time of war between Russia and Ukraine.

As of now, no partial or serious outages were observed in the GNSS. Otherwise, it could have led to the malfunctioning of flight operations leading to aircraft missing or downing scenarios.

Already, all the countries in the world are struggling to curtail the rising fuel and other essential costs in their respective regions by the ongoing Russia Ukraine war. And there is no news on when this war will end and where will it lead to…?

Note 1- Reports are in that the Russian invasion will end soon as the Putin-led nation is facing extreme difficulty in maintaining its finances and ammunition required to sustain in the war. Fuel shortage and food shortage is also worrying the military generals as most of the military personnel are unwilling to continue the war.

Note 2- Keeping all such developing consequences in mind, the United States CISA issued a Shields Up Initiative to all organizations, irrespective of the industry they are working in. And as per the initiative, businesses that get targeted have to report and share insights about the cyberattack as it helps the government issue directives to other businesses to keep their IT infrastructure safe from digital attacks.


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