Security experts say that no Nuclear Weapon is safe from Cyber Attacks

Security Experts from UK based think tank ‘Chatham House’ have revealed that no nuclear weapon is safe from cyber attacks and this could prove potentially catastrophic if nations fail to take necessary steps on the issue.

Beyza Unal, a security researcher from Chatham House adds that hackers have become sophisticated to tamper the nuclear systems in such a way that they can remotely diffuse the operations or offer misleading info to humans about the status of the weaponry. 

In a statement issued to Daily Mail, Unal said that hackers can now capable of interfering in the operations of nuclear weapons which are now usually carried out by government agencies. She added that no nuclear system in the world is safe from hacks and pointing the vulnerable ones is too tricky at this point.

Since a cold war is at peak between North Korea and the United States which is being backed by other nations, Beyza feels that cyber threat to nuclear systems in the United States has doubled up on threat scale

As the systems are not used on a daily note, hackers can induce a flaw into a system that stays dormant for years and only causes problems when the weapons are being activated.

Although a nuclear diplomacy exists between the nations holding nuclear weapons, Kim Jong UN’s nuclear ambitions are making it hard to predict the shape of the diplomacy in coming months.

So, as sophisticated cyber attacks are on the prowl, it may become harder if not the hardest to stop nuclear attacks between nations in next couple of years. And if this turns into a reality, then devastation mimicking hell can be surely expected.

Note- Chatham House, is the Royal Institute of International Affairs which is a non-profit government organization based in London. Its work objective is to analyze and promote the understanding of major international issues and current affairs.

Naveen Goud
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